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Services (5)

Technical Support Services

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GACS provides professional aviation technical support services in the following areas:


 Inspections -

  •     Aircraft factory in-production.
  •     Aircraft delivery/re-delivery.
  •     Aircraft/Engine lease in/lease return.
  •     Airport Apron/Runway.
  •     On site borescope.

 Entry into service support -

  •     Aircraft acceptance.
  •     Line maintenance set up
  •     Start up spares, Ground support equipment and tools provisioning.

On site Representation -

  •     Aircraft/Engine/Component         Manufacturer (OEM)
  •     Aircraft/Engine MRO Supplier.

Valuation -

  •     Aircraft  (Used to buy or lease).
  •     Engine (Used to buy or lease).

Contract negotiations -

  •     Aircraft lease.
  •     Engine lease.
  •     Engine purchase.
  •     Aircraft purchase

Engine repair/refurbishment work scoping.

Invoice reconciliation -

  •     Engine repair/refurbishment against work scope.
  •     Aircraft major check against workpackage.

Engineering Services

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GACS provides professional services pertaining to aviation engineering in the following areas:


Engineering Services

Aviation Regulation Services

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GACS provides professional services pertaining to legislation in the following areas:

  • Assisting the industry to interpret and comply with ICAO Annexes, National primary legislation, Regulations and Requirements and Certification, Acceptance and Registration of new and used aircraft.
  • Assisting and guiding Air Operators, Training Organisations and Maintenance Organisations establish systems approvable by their respective Authorities including the preparation of documents required for Certification and Approval.
  • Guiding organizations to sustain Approvals by conducting continuous Audits on the Organisations, Aircraft Records, Spares Stock and Procurement Procedure, etc....
  • To provide Oil Exploration Aviation support.  Our capacity to perform quality/safety audits of air operations in Kenya and the region with a view to supporting the corporates such as the oil and gas companies when choosing providers of air services for their local travel.
  • Guiding Operators to obtain and retain IOSA Certification.


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