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Bio's (6)

Peter Githaiga Bio

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TitleLicensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer


Tel.:     +254 722 830 315  and     +254 737 075 368

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Nationality – Kenyan


Peter trained  at  Technical University  Of Kenya ( then Kenya Polytechnic )  and  Southall  College Of Technology   ( SCOT ) Southall , Middsx,  UK , attained Full Technological Certificate in Aeronautical  Maintenance.

Coming back to Kenya , he worked with East African Airways, Embakasi, in Avionics WorkShop  for two years. Later he joined EA Civil Flying School,  Soroti,  Uganda  and  joined Air Service Training ( AST) , trained as a technical Instructor  under EAC / DCA / UNDP/ ICAO scholarship for another two years. After  coming back he worked as  an Avionics Supervisor with EAA  and later pioneering in setting up  Kenya Airways  Engineering. He licensed by KCAA in Avionics - Categories “X” – Electrical, Instruments,  Compasses and  Automatic Pilot - and has EASA  part 66 B1, B2 and C licenses . He attended maintenance and management  courses  in   DC 3 , F27/ F50,  SAAB 340B, DC9, CRJ 200 and Boeing  B707/720, B737-200, -300, -700ER,-800ER, B757-200, B767-300ER and B777-200ER.

In addition Peter  has worked with Jetlink Express , Air Direct Connect, East African School of Aviation , has  gained a lot of skills and experience in On Job Training , in curricula and syllabi and in teaching and examination  as an external examiner  ( AMEL ) seconded to KCAA






2014  -    2015

Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

General Aviation  in Maintenance Consulting

Instructor/ Engineer  Nairobi  Wilson


2012  -    2013

Safety/ Quality Manager

Air Direct Connect  JKIA


2010  -    2012

Technical   Instructor -   Diploma in Avionics



2008  -    2010

Safety/ Quality Manager

Jetlink Express JKIA


1978   -   2008

Inspector /  Principal Quality Control/ Assurance  Engineer

Kenya  Airways


1975   - 1977

Instructor  Trainee

E.A.C Flying Soroti, Uganda

AIR Service Training (AST )

Perth , Scotland

DCA/ UNDP/ ICAO /  EAAC/ East African Community


Henry Maina Kimondo Bio

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Title - Aviation Consultant 

Tel - +1 832 6518931

email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     
Nationality – Kenyan



I have a  HND  in Electrical  and Electronic Engineering  from the Kenya Polytechnic, and I also studied Flight Operations and Aviation  Maintenance  Management at San Jacinto College in Texas.   I also  have  8 yrs  working experience as an Avionics  Maintenance Engineer in a major Airline.

Dick Kabukuru Mutothori Bio

Written by | Published in: Bio's |

Title - Aviation Consultant 

Tel - +254 722 613309

email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
Nationality – Kenyan

Address - P. O.  BOX 54176-00200, Nairobi.



≥   Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer - Avionics
≥   Airworthiness Administration
≥   Flight Safety Administration
≥   Civil Aviation Management
≥   Government Inspectors Course / Air Carrier Indoctrination Course at the FAA Academy in Oklahoma and on the job training to FAA office in Los Angeles.
≥   UK CAA course at University of  Kent at Canterbury and on the job training attachment to CAA office at Stanstead.
≥   ICAO Seminar on Safety oversight at ICAO Nairobi Office.
≥   Aircraft maintenance Management at ESAMI-Arusha, Tanzania.
≥   Aircraft Type courses including: B757 and B737 in Seattle USA Airbus A310 in Toulouse, France; Fokker-F27, F50, DC 9-30 among others.
≥   Aircraft Maintenance Engineer – Avionics - Brunnel Technical College (Bristol, U.K) 1970-73


≥  Certification of new and used aircraft coming on to the Kenya Civil Aircraft Register.
≥  Aircraft Maintenance Organisation (AMO), Air Operator Certificate (AOC), and Aircraft Training Organisation (ATO) auditing for approval purposes.
≥  Aircraft Airworthiness inspections .
≥  Recommendation and development of guidance  material for both the Authority and industry.
≥  Participation to On-job training of Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) personnel.
≥  Panellist of KCAA recruiting interviews.
≥  Was a member of the airline’s Strategy Development team representing the Technical Department.
≥  Overseeing setting and marking engineers’  examinations.
≥  Overseeing conducting oral examinations to engineering candidates for licensing purposes.
≥  A member of the team of consultants under Sofreavia of  France on the World Bank funded Flight Safety project at KCAA for three years up to January 2010.


Job Title  Date Company
 Consulting in Aviation & Flight Safety  2002-2012  Aeronautical Consultantcy Services
 Deputy Director of Civil Aviation (Technical Services) & Flight Safety Division  2000-2002  Directorate of Civil Aviation
 Assistant Director of Civil Aviation in Charge of Airworthiness Division  1995-2000  Directorate of Civil Aviation
 Chief Airworthiness Surveyor  1981-1995  Directorate of Civil Aviation
 Aircraft Maintenance Engineer - Avionics  1973-1981  Kenya Airways

Naftaly Wanjohi Mwangi Bio

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Name - Naftaly Wanjohi Mwangi
Title - Aviation Consultant 

Tel - +254 720 344095

email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   
Nationality – Kenyan

Address - P. O.  BOX 54176-00200, Nairobi.



≥   B.Sc (Electrical Engg),Upper 2nd Class Hons (1975), University of  Nairobi
≥   Engineering Internship at East African Airways (June 1975– Dec 1976)
≥   Aircraft Systems type courses at Airbus, Fokker and Boeing
≥   Manufacturer Systems courses for equipment fitted to various aircraft
≥   Various Senior Management Courses
≥   Emergency Response training (Blake)
≥   Job Evaluation course (Hay)


  Was  accountable to the Technical Director for the Engineering Development, the Engineering Planning, the Aircraft Workshops and the Inventory Planning and Control divisions of  the airline.
≥  Was responsible for Aircraft Base Maintenance and Aircraft Maintenance Planning divisions of the company.                                            
≥  Sourced for suitable Maintenance Repair Organisations to undertake out-sourced maintenance of airframes, engines, landing gears, propellers and components and negotiated suitable contracts and oversaw their execution.      
≥  Was a member and later the leader of the Airline’s aircraft Fleet Development team that determined the required fleet composition, developed aircraft specifications, requested and evaluated proposals, negotiated terms for  the purchase or lease of additional aircraft, selected optional buyer furnished equipment, developed implementation budgets and oversaw the entire aircraft manufacturing, acceptance and entry into service processes.
≥  Was a member of the airline’s Job Evaluation team representing the Technical Department.   
≥  Was a member of the airline’s Strategy Development team representing the Technical Department.     
≥  Was the Crisis Management Centre (CMC) Technical Director where I represented the department and later assumed the role of its overall Director. 
≥  Deputised for the airline’s Technical Director  whenever he was away or the office was vacant.
≥  Was a member of the Committee of Experts appointed by the Kenya Government in August 2010 to study the structure, organization, fleets composition, facilities and equipment of public air wings and come up with recommendations on how they can be reformed.



Job Title  Date   Company
 Head of Base Maintenance  2006-2008  Kenya Airways
 Head of Technical Support  1994-2006  Kenya Airways
 Manager Inventory Planning & Control  1990-1994  Kenya Airways
 Manager Engineering Development  1987-1990  Kenya Airways
 Senior Development Engineer  1980-1987  Kenya Airways
 Development Engineer  1977-1980  Kenya Airways
 Trainee Assistant Development Engineer   1976-1977  East African Airways

Ephantus Kamau Mbogo Bio

Written by | Published in: Bio's |

Title - Aviation Consultant 

Tel - +254 733 201941

email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   
Nationality – Kenyan

Address - P. O.  BOX 54176-00200, Nairobi.



≥  Diploma in Air transport Engineering  -  UK - 1975
≥  C&G Full Technological Certificate (F.T.C) “AET” “Operation Technology”. - 1985
≥  4½ year Apprenticeship with EAA precursor to Kenya Airways. - 1971 to 1975
≥  Aeronautical Engineering Certificate (CAA-UK) - 1974
≥  KCAA AMEL cat. C rated for various engines. - 1979 forward.
≥  Attended aircraft and engine manufacturer’s maintenance courses on all fleet operated by Kenya Airways during my term there. (F27, B707, DC9, B737-300; 200, B767-300, F50, SAAB340, B737NG and B777-200).
≥  Attended various business development courses and seminars -
    Aero-Engine Overhaul and Maintenance conferences.
    General Electric Powerplant Engineering course.
    Boeing Production Planning Requirements to Maintain Continued Airworthiness.
    Aircraft Maintenance cost Seminar in Netherlands.
    IATA International negotiation Skills.


≥      Over 40 years’ experience in Aircraft engineering and maintenance having started as an apprentice engineer and rising to Head of Aircraft Production at Kenya Airways.
≥     Production and inspection roles in line maintenance, hangar and workshops.
≥     Directly managed off-wing maintenance of all Kenya Airways’ fleet Propulsion Systems (Engines, APUs, Propellers, Thrust reversers, etc) for over 20 years by:

  •     Organising and guiding engine and propeller workshops production activities.
  •     Set up and managed a CF6-80C2 Engine Module change workshop at Kenya Airways.
  •     Forecasting and planning removals based on on-wing Performance and physical Condition Monitoring and established life limitations.
  •     Establishing off-wing workscopes and ensuring compliance with same at outsourced facilities.
  •     Ensuring Maintenance Release documents are complete and compliant with Airworthiness Regulations including EASA (JAR) and FAA.

≥     Was Head of Aircraft Production responsible to Technical Director for control and management of all maintenance and servicing activities at Line stations, Base and all workshops for 2½ years.
≥     Was Manager Technical Contracts at Kenya Airways for 2 years responsible for:

  •     Material supply and repair contracts.
  •     Warranty and manufacturers guarantee administration.
  •     Stock verification and audits.

≥     Retired from Kenya Airways in July 2011 as Propulsion Manager for 2½ years in charge of:

  •     Propulsion Systems management.
  •     Propulsion engineering.
  •     Propulsion leasing and Propulsion contracted maintenance administration.

≥     Has been trained in various management skills.
≥    Believes in being ethical and conscious to cost saving activities.


Job Title  Date  Company
 Propulsion Manager  2008 to 2011  Kenya Airways
 Manager Technical Contracts  2006 to 2008  Kenya Airways
 Head of Aircraft Production  2004 to 2006  Kenya Airways
 Manager Propulsion Systems  1993 to 2003  Kenya Airways
 Head of Propulsion Support Group  1990 to 1993  Kenya Airways
 Production Engineer - Engine Overhaul    1988 to 1990  Kenya Airways
 Inspector - Engine Overhaul Shop  1984 to 1988  Kenya Airways
 Engineering Supervisor – Line Maintenance  1983 to 1984  Kenya Airways
 Licenced Aircraft Engineer - Line Maintenance  1979 to 1983  Kenya Airways
 Technician – Engine Shop and Line Maintenance  1975 to 1979  East African/Kenya Airways
 Apprentice Engineer    1971 to 1975  East African Airways





Samuel Mburu Muchai BIO

Written by | Published in: Bio's |

Title - Aviation Consultant 

Tel - +254 722 412927 

email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     
Nationality – Kenyan

Address - P. O.  BOX 54176-00200, Nairobi.



≥   Licenced Aircraft Maintenance Engineer - Kenya Airways Engineering Training School - 1976 to 2005
≥   Kenya Airways Engineering Training School - Kenya Airways Engineering Training School – 1977
≥   Bureau Veritas Quality Management and Audit For Aeronautical Industries and Airlines -  CDG Paris France - 1995
≥   Aircraft Inspectors Course – CAA Brighton, UK (Including attendances at Boeing Factory, Seattle USA; Airbus Factory, Toulouse France; Fokker Factory, Holland; Rolls Royce Factory, Derby England; GE Factory, Cincinnati USA) – 1995
≥   Issuing authority/ Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (Licence Number – YKC-133) – licensed for following aircraft/engines - B707/720, PW JT3D-3B; DOUGLAS DC9,  JT8D-11; F50,  PW125B & PWR1830; F27, RR DART 528.
≥   KCAA Approvals on the following - B757-200, RR DART 535E; A310-300, CF6-80C2A2; B737-300 & B737-200, CFM56-3B.


≥   Day to day management of Engineering Quality Division.
≥   Responsible for all Quality Control and Quality Assurance matters of the company.
≥   Responsible for Technical Training of Kenya Airways and third party Engineers.
≥   Responsible for ensuring Engineering Standards are maintained for continued Airworthiness.
≥   Responsible for running an efficient reliability maintenance program.
≥   Ensuring registration and smooth delivery of new or leased Aircraft being acquired by Kenya Airways. Also ascertain that all conditions are
       met for re-delivery and de-registration of Aeroplanes from Kenya Airways back the leasers or new owners.
≥   Ensuring that the company has sufficient number of Licensed/ Approved engineers responsible for certifying maintenance work carried  
       out on the company Aircraft and maintains a list of all engineers and grants them an approval booklet which shows the scope of
       coverage for the holders.
≥   Formulating and maintaining the company exposition and procedures and manuals.
≥   Ensuring that the scheduled and impromptu audits of the Engineering Organization and outstation handling agents and all Kenya Airways
       vendors are carried out.
≥   Chairing Acceptable Deferred Defects, monthly Aircraft maintenance reliability and Service Bulletins review meetings.
≥   Ensuring that the C of A documents are validated at all times.
≥   Ensuring the validity of the company approval.
≥   Identifying training needs and ensuring that all Engineering staff undergoes the necessary courses as need arises.
≥   Specifying and operating an engineering staff authorization procedure to ensure that Aircraft are certified by properly authorized
≥   Successfully writing Kenya Airways Engineering Quality Manual and getting it approved by KCAA.
≥   Successfully getting Kenya Airways Engineers trained on Aircraft type courses and securing Type Approvals for them from the KCAA.
≥   Writing exposition manual for Precision Air and Jetlink and approved by KCAA.


 Job Title                                                            Date                   Company
 Active Director                                                 2008 to 2012      Nelliwa Builders & Civil Engineers
 Manager Quality Assurance                             2007 to 2008     Jetlink Express Ltd
 Manager Engineering and Quality                    2006 to 2007     Delta Connection Ltd
 Contract on ALS Engineering Quality               2005 to 2006     Precision Air
 Head of Engineering Quality                            1994 to 2005     Kenya Airways
 Manager Quality Control                                  1990 to 1994     Kenya Airways
 Group Inspector I/C Hangar Maintenance       1983 to 1990     Kenya Airways
 Inspector in the Hangar                                   1979 to 1983     Kenya Airways
 Licensed Engineer                                            1977 to 1978     Kenya Airways
 Technician                                                        1974 to 1977     East African Airways
 Senior Non-Commissioned Officer                    1970 to 1973     Kenya Air Force
 Junior Supervisor                                             1968 to 1970     Kenya Air Force
 Technician                                                        1967 to 1968     Kenya Air Force
 Basic Aircraft Maintenance Course                  1965 to 1967     Kenya Air Force



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