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Ephantus Kamau Mbogo Bio

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Written by  | Published in: Bio's

Title - Aviation Consultant 

Tel - +254 733 201941

email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   
Nationality – Kenyan

Address - P. O.  BOX 54176-00200, Nairobi.



≥  Diploma in Air transport Engineering  -  UK - 1975
≥  C&G Full Technological Certificate (F.T.C) “AET” “Operation Technology”. - 1985
≥  4½ year Apprenticeship with EAA precursor to Kenya Airways. - 1971 to 1975
≥  Aeronautical Engineering Certificate (CAA-UK) - 1974
≥  KCAA AMEL cat. C rated for various engines. - 1979 forward.
≥  Attended aircraft and engine manufacturer’s maintenance courses on all fleet operated by Kenya Airways during my term there. (F27, B707, DC9, B737-300; 200, B767-300, F50, SAAB340, B737NG and B777-200).
≥  Attended various business development courses and seminars -
    Aero-Engine Overhaul and Maintenance conferences.
    General Electric Powerplant Engineering course.
    Boeing Production Planning Requirements to Maintain Continued Airworthiness.
    Aircraft Maintenance cost Seminar in Netherlands.
    IATA International negotiation Skills.


≥      Over 40 years’ experience in Aircraft engineering and maintenance having started as an apprentice engineer and rising to Head of Aircraft Production at Kenya Airways.
≥     Production and inspection roles in line maintenance, hangar and workshops.
≥     Directly managed off-wing maintenance of all Kenya Airways’ fleet Propulsion Systems (Engines, APUs, Propellers, Thrust reversers, etc) for over 20 years by:

  •     Organising and guiding engine and propeller workshops production activities.
  •     Set up and managed a CF6-80C2 Engine Module change workshop at Kenya Airways.
  •     Forecasting and planning removals based on on-wing Performance and physical Condition Monitoring and established life limitations.
  •     Establishing off-wing workscopes and ensuring compliance with same at outsourced facilities.
  •     Ensuring Maintenance Release documents are complete and compliant with Airworthiness Regulations including EASA (JAR) and FAA.

≥     Was Head of Aircraft Production responsible to Technical Director for control and management of all maintenance and servicing activities at Line stations, Base and all workshops for 2½ years.
≥     Was Manager Technical Contracts at Kenya Airways for 2 years responsible for:

  •     Material supply and repair contracts.
  •     Warranty and manufacturers guarantee administration.
  •     Stock verification and audits.

≥     Retired from Kenya Airways in July 2011 as Propulsion Manager for 2½ years in charge of:

  •     Propulsion Systems management.
  •     Propulsion engineering.
  •     Propulsion leasing and Propulsion contracted maintenance administration.

≥     Has been trained in various management skills.
≥    Believes in being ethical and conscious to cost saving activities.


Job Title  Date  Company
 Propulsion Manager  2008 to 2011  Kenya Airways
 Manager Technical Contracts  2006 to 2008  Kenya Airways
 Head of Aircraft Production  2004 to 2006  Kenya Airways
 Manager Propulsion Systems  1993 to 2003  Kenya Airways
 Head of Propulsion Support Group  1990 to 1993  Kenya Airways
 Production Engineer - Engine Overhaul    1988 to 1990  Kenya Airways
 Inspector - Engine Overhaul Shop  1984 to 1988  Kenya Airways
 Engineering Supervisor – Line Maintenance  1983 to 1984  Kenya Airways
 Licenced Aircraft Engineer - Line Maintenance  1979 to 1983  Kenya Airways
 Technician – Engine Shop and Line Maintenance  1975 to 1979  East African/Kenya Airways
 Apprentice Engineer    1971 to 1975  East African Airways





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